Offline music apps for android

Best offline music streaming apps for android.

Offline music apps for android lists the best offline music streaming app for android that doesn’t need internet. These offline music apps basically allows you to download files with very less memory consumption to your phone in their own format. This allows you can use it to listen even when you don’t have an active internet connection. This format is currently available in most of the popular music streaming apps. And currently it is an much needed and most used feature too. Few of the top ones are listed below.

Best offline music download app for android that doesn’t need internet

Offline music apps in android has become a relief for the people who are tired of online streaming of music. The online music streaming eats up their data every time they want to listen to the song.

Offline music apps for android

Best offline android music player apps that let you listen to music offline without using mobile data, wifi or internet at any location.

Now the question that comes is that why do we need to download music via these offline music apps when you can manually download them and keep them in you phone for listening to it any time. To answer this question, I am not going to list down all the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. It is simple, the music apps provide you with latest songs which are trending and you download the whole playlists based on you choices.

You can browse through latest charts of different genres and a never ending list of songs. You also can come across new songs in this process which might not have heard in past but will become your favorite in the future. So finally I will leave you to decide on the preference on what you should be going for and for doing that you will have to go through the listing first and try them.

Let’s have a look at some of the top offline music apps for android in the industry which provide us the service.

Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the market leaders in the field of music apps. It offers with you wide variety of options such as never ending music list, radio stations, music upload options for listening across all platforms such as android, iOS and many others. So, be it a android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or a PC, Google Play Store is there at your service.

Google Play Music was launched on 16th November, 2011, after being available for around six months on beta version for users only on the basis of invitation.

It has lots of customized feature to enrich user experience such as Top Charts, new releases and many more. Google Play Store provides option to upload you own music collection. The limit is  50,000 songs, which is pretty huge. Based on your listening habits it will also suggest you songs or playlists which will enrich your user experience. Even the radio channels are supervised keeping the best interests of the users in mind.

But we here are interested about music without internet. So google music app also provides us with options to download music for offline listening. Just download the songs of you choice and listen to them whenever you want and internet connectivity won’t be problem for you. It is the best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet.

Click here to install Google Play Music from google play store.


Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location


SoundCloud is one of the best music apps in the android industry. It offers music based on new trends and favorites. SoundCloud also backs it out with lots of suggestions based on you taste and search track. This is great platform to discover new music and create your customized playlists.

Sound Cloud is a social sound platform where you can create your own music and share them. Social media sharing option is also available to share sound publicly to everyone. To put it in simple words, SoundCloud provides you a great platform to make music and create audio in order to connect your fans or increase your audience.

Sweden based Sound designer, Ljung, and Sweden artist, Wahlfross, were the founders of SoundCloud and later established officially in Berlin in August, 2017. It helped musicians to share and distribute sound recordings to wider audience. It was a publishing tool to distribute music.

SoundCloud app also provides us with options to download music for offline listening which is why we are here. Whether you have internet or not doesn’t matter once you go for download for offline music. In the listing of best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet, this definitely have a strong place.

Click here to install SoundCloud – Music & Audio from google play store.


Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location

Spotify Music
Spotify Music

Spotify Music is free app for mobiles and tablets. It allows you to access unlimited music from anywhere in the world. You can also access it in your computers. It allows you to create your own customized playlist if you are not already content with their playlists. It is also a great platform to discover new music.

Spotify was launched in Sweden in October of 2008. It had features to stream videos, music and podcast too. It is widely available in Australia and New Zealand and mostly in urope in America along with parts of Asian countries too.

Spotify Music provides with never ending collection of songs starting from old times to recent hits. Anything you like will be available in here. The best part of Spotify Music is the sound quality. It will sure mesmerize and leave you wanting for more. It is free music without any interruption of ads. The premium options makes only the sound quality better enhancing your music listening experience.

Spotify has also introduced the feature for offline music download. So now you can listen to music offline from anywhere and you mobile signal connectivity will not be a concern any more. Spotify is topping the list of the best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet.

Click here to install Spotify Music from google play store.


Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location


Unlimited stock of songs, radio without ads and high quality music are few of the distinctive features of Napster. You can listen to music using Napster from practically any where. It also features Napster KIDS that is safe, easy and fun to listen to for kids of all age group. Mobile, tablet, audio devices, anything you name, Napster is there.

Napster is branded under the banner Rhapsody company. Originally Napster was a peer-to-peer service used for file trading. However it was shut down due to some legal actions. Napster also launched Free Napster in the month of May in 2006 but that also could not survive for long and was shut down on March, 2010. After all this in 2011 Napster was finally acquired by Rhapsody. On 14th July, 2016 Rhapsody changed its name to Napster. Rhapsody was also a online streaming and download service. But later it joined Napster’s huge network of 33 countries and changed its name too.

Napster 32 million songs to offer its members and that too completely ad free. Napster claims to create curated music experience for its members. It is basically that you take your music wherever you go.

Back to our real query, YES, Napster also provides us the option to listen to music offline. You can download unlimited songs to your device and stream them offline from any where. Napster is worth a mention among the top rank holder in the list of best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet.

Click here to install Napster from google play store.

Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

Yes, you heard it right. YouTube Music is a great music app with non-ending collection of music audio and video. We can start a non-stop station by searching for any criteria such as videos, artists, albums, genres etc. This YouTube Music enriches your experience by your personalized searches or playlists. If we don’t want to load the video then we have an option to go to audio mode. Great, isn’t it?

YouTube Music provides you with an endless catalog for discovering music of you choice and taste. If you are watching any video then it will continue you experience by starting a non-stop station of music. It also learns your tastes by the means of personalized stations to suggest you music that you will surely like. We can also see videos of concerts and live recordings. It covers all the genres, remixes, playlist etc. YouTube Red is the premium version of the app which includes ads free music experience, enjoy music even when the screen is off etc.

There are monthly charges for using this facility. However we can avail one month free trial and then decide to go further with th paid version. But if you can’t avail this free trial if you have already used it being a member of YouTube Red or Google Play Music.

And yes, like other market leader YouTube Music also comes with a offline music streaming mode for downloading music. So, try it and decide for your self. YouTube strong background brings it to the list of the best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet.

Click here to install YouTube Music from google play store.


Android offline music player app for listening to music offline at any location

Deezer - Songs & Music Player
Deezer – Songs & Music Player

Craving for music you want to hear instantly, Deezer is there just for you. You can create playlist for each and every occasion. Enhance your music listening experience with right tracks each time. Its high quality audio makes sure a high end experience.

Deezer provides with you with unlimited access to your favorite songs and music. It also offers top radio channels, option to follow your favorite artists and create your own customized playlists. This app allows you to look up old and new hits as per your test. It also suggests music based on your preferences and your listening history. You also get the options of lyrics attached to songs. Deezer has a unique one click experience named FLOW which offers unlimited music customized to match your taste.

You can listen to endless music anywhere and anytime even without internet with its option for offline music streaming. You can download songs, playlists and albums for offline music anywhere. To set the offline mode, we need to click the offline mode option in the setting of the app. After the offline mode is activated, this app will not use the data or WiFi to stream or access music. In offline mode user will be able to listen to the already downloaded songs, music, albums and playlists.

Click here to install Deezer from google play store.


These music apps don’t provide offline mode in the free version other than in trial period. However the benefits of the features offered makes the price we pay totally worth it. So please try their trial version and select the best you like. Mostly the choice provided will be based on the user-friendliness of the app and the quality of the music, but of course the pricing will also be contributing factor.

We hope you like our list of the best offline music apps for android that doesn’t need internet. Please put you comments below or Contact Us for any type of suggestions. All suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated. Also, please mention any other listings of the top or anything else that you may be interested in or are looking forward in this site.

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amazing list of offline music player. i’m happy to find this guide
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worked pretty good for importing music from spotify to amazon music / google music or vice versa.