Popular Cloud Music Storage Options

Popular Cloud Music Storage Options

Cloud Music Storage Options.
Everyone likes to maintain there own personalized collection of music. We generally keep it in our PC or MAC. We also carry it with us in our smart phones, tablets, iPad or iPhone. And of course there are other storage devices like pen drives or hard drives. But there is problem that this is eating up the storage capacity of all your devices big time. And mostly we keep the same music which we like in multiple devices and that causes even more redundant space issues. Also, we need to update our music collection every now and then.

Thanks to the everyday growing technology, we now have the option to store files in cloud. And the same is also the solution for our problem of redundant space eating up issue. Now we can store our music in cloud and access it from anywhere without using the space in our personal devices. Below are the few popular options to upload music in to cloud and access it from anywhere or anytime.

Best Cloud Music Storage Options

Best Cloud Music Storage Options

  • Google Play Music

Cloud Music Storage Google Play Music
Cloud Music Storage Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a great app for listening to music. Other than providing a great database of online music, it also provides us option to upload our own music library. Google Play Music can store up to 50,000 songs. We can upload our whole personal collection and listen to it through Google Play Music. We can use Google Play Music in chrome or we can also use the music manager. And to add on to it we can store songs of size up to 300 MB. And the cherry on the cake is that the songs which you purchased don’t count towards the limit of 50,000 songs.

  • Amazon Music

Cloud Music Storage Amazon Music
Cloud Music Storage Amazon Music

Amazon Music allows us to upload our own music collection from any PC or Mac. We can access it from the My Music section in Amazon Music from any device that has Amazon Music. We can store upto 250 songs to Amazon My Music for free. However with an Amazon Music storage subscription a sum of 250,000 songs can be uploaded. And also the purchases made through Amazon Music are outside the library limit count.

  • Deezer

Cloud Music Storage Deezer
Cloud Music Storage Deezer

Deezer helps you build your ultimate music collection. You can upload your personal music collection to cloud easily with Deezer. The only restriction being the file size, which should be less than 45 MB. You can access the music stored by you under the My MP3s section in your profile page of Deezer and the same is true for the Deezer mobile app. It is recommended to avoid uploading MP3s in VBR mode i.e. Variable Bit Rate and to upload files encoded in CBR format i.e. Constant Bit Rate.

  • My Music Cloud

Cloud Music Storage My Music Cloud
Cloud Music Storage My Music Cloud

MyMusicCloud is a great platform to sync up all your music. You can listen to around 250 tracks from anywhere, let it be your PC, mac, smart phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or even television. It allows you to safely back up you entire music collection for free. MyMusicCloud’s best feature is that it keeps it simple and at the same time fun too. You just access the music you love from anywhere.

We hope you like our list of the Cloud Music Storage options. Please put you comments below or Contact Us for any type of suggestions. All suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated. Also, please mention any other listings of the top or anything else that you may be interested in or are looking forward in this site.

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worked pretty good for importing music from spotify to amazon music / google music or vice versa.